Awooga is a website designed to warn coders of problems with non-optimal teaching materials — especially in relation to security issues. Just type in the address and see if it's in the database.

Examples: keyword, tutorial title (use quotes), domain, full address, specific issue.

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Questions about this site

What does a listing mean?

A listing in this database means that, in the opinion of the editor who added it, the referenced tutorial has a number of security or quality issues, and thus that beginners need to be cautious about using that material.

How can I contribute?

If you are an experienced programmer, I'd love to have your help. You can contribute either via a public Git repository or by logging in via GitHub. To contribute via a repository, read more on the About page.

How should reports be written?

Reports should treat problematic teaching material as a bug to be fixed. We ask all editors to remain polite with their writing, and to employ a positive, can-do tone.

How should authors respond?

If you are listed, don't panic! If you agree with the assessment made of your resource, you can either fix the mistakes in it, take it down temporarily whilst you fix it, or remove it permanently. Remember that sometimes taking down really old material is sometimes the right thing to do. Feel free to liaise with the editor, too.

What happens if a tutorial is improved?

If you've made a change as a result of a report here, thank you! Please ask the editor to review the changes, and to mark the issue(s) as resolved - they should be happy to do so.

Awooga needs feature X!

I should be very glad to consider feature requests: please create an issue at GitHub and we'll discuss it. I recommend also opening an issue prior to sending pull requests; as with all projects, not all feature/code changes will be considered suitable.