This is a FAQ (or a RAQ, possibly) continued from the front page.

What's the current focus?

Presently it's PHP tutorials, because that's what I know, and because there is a lot of material out there that needs improvement. But if we can get some solid subject experts for other languages, that would be great too.

Can I reuse Awooga data?

All data in Awooga is owned by the community, and should be regarded as copyleft. I'll look into choosing a license for it, possibly Creative Commons. If you want to re-use the data in your own project, great. Get in touch, and I'll see if I can help.

How can I contribute via a repo?

Copy or fork an existing repository and let me take a look. If I agree with your initial commits, I'll set your repo to auto-publish.

Can I contribute to an existing repository?

If you would rather not maintain your own repo or edit reports online, you can instead fork an existing repository on GitHub, and send a pull request to the owner.